Landlords FAQ’s

Before I manage your Property:

Why do I need a Property Manager?

To take the stress out of owning a rental investment property in the current climate of change. The Residential Tenancies Act and compliance for Health and Safety in New Zealand requirements are extreme and often difficult for Landlords to remain on top of.

Why should I choose Hawke's Bay Rental Management?

Zara is a property investor and has personal experience of the risks involved in achieving the goal of owning residential rental properties.
Zara’s experience as the Past President and long standing member of Hawke’s Bay Property Investors Assn has brought added value to her personal experiences enabling her to offer a unique boutique style Property Management Business.

What would it cost to have Hawke's Bay Rental Management manage my property?

As we are not affiliated with any other Franchise company and we do not sell real estate, our fees are competitive and unique to the style of property management we offer. We pay owners weekly or in accordance with the rent cycle of the tenancy.

Our flat rate fee includes:

  • Tenant selection
  • Tenant credit & reference checking
  • Accurate photos of home & ground condition on entry
  • Advising rent reviews
  • Minimum 3 monthly inspections with photos of condition at the property
  • Detailed written inspection reports
  • Excellent communication around any maintenance, damage or change to tenancy
  • Arrangements for renovations or replacement chattels
  • Personal delivery of notices and breach of contract letters
  • Communication in advance of fixed term tenancy ending
  • Immediate notification of tenants giving notice
  • Attendance at Tribunal and mediation (if required)
  • Advertising on our Company facebook page

Do I have to sign a fixed term management contract with Hawke's Bay Rental Management?

No, we believe you need the flexibility to manage to your investment completely as life dictates. If you decide to sell your home, move back in or your circumstances change, you need to know you can without risk of being locked into a Management Contract.

While I manage your Property:

What does Hawke's Bay Rental Management do if a tenant misses their rent payment?

Communicate immediately with the tenant and the owner.

How much does a tenant pay to move into the property?

One week rent in advance PLUS four weeks bond. There is no letting fee.

How does the tenant pay their rent?

Rent is paid by automatic payment into Hawke’s Bay Rental Management Trust account.

How often can the rent be increased?

Under the current Residential Tenancies Act rent cannot be increased more than once, every 6 months and the landlord must give the tenant 60 days written notice of this increase. We recommend an increase every 12 months to guarantee the landlord is maintaining current market rent, which also creates security for the tenant.

How often can I inspect my property?

Residential Tenancy Act stipulates Landlords are able to inspect once a month.

How do property inspections work at Hawke's Bay Rental Management?

Zara recommends 3 monthly inspections. A comprehensive report is sent to the landlord once the inspection has been completed. A follow-up visit between inspections will ensure any maintenance or corrective actions have been attended to.

What does a tenant do if something needs repairing at the property?

Notify Hawke’s Bay Rental Management immediately so we can attend to any repairs or maintenance in a timely fashion.

What happens should I decide to sell my property?

Notify Hawke’s Bay Rental Management immediately so we can start the process with you for a smooth sale and purchase with or without your current tenants in attendance.

How much notice does the tenant need to give if they want to move?

A periodic tenancy requires 21 days written notice with clear details of the time and date the tenant wishes to end the tenancy. A fixed term tenancy requires negotiation in accordance with the agreement the tenant has signed.

When the Tenants move out:

How does the tenant give the keys back when they leave?

Zara will arrange a time to inspect the property for the final bond inspection. At this time, the tenant is expected to hand the keys back to Hawke’s Bay Rental Management directly.

How does the tenant get the bond back?

Providing everything is in order at the final inspection, Hawke’s Bay Rental Management will arrange the release of the tenants bond.

Tenants FAQ’s

Can I apply for a property without seeing it?

We like all prospective tenants to see the property before their application can be considered. If you live out of town and are unable to view the property in person, please call us and we can have a chat to you about your situation and see how we can make it work for you.

What are the move in costs if I rent through Hawke's Bay Rental Management?

If you are successful in securing a rental home you will be required to pay the following:

  • One weeks’ rent in advance before you move in
  • Bond, which is four week’s rent and is lodged with the Tenancy Services
  • Hawke’s Bay Rental Management do not charge letting fees

Re-tenanting your property. Will I be without a tenant?

Hawke’s Bay Rental Management prides itself on maintaining a minimum vacancy period between tenants while choosing the best tenant to fit your particular property.

How do I pay rent?

Rent is paid by automatic payment in one amount direct to Hawke’s Bay Rental Management Trust bank account.

What do I do if something in the property breaks?

Please contact Hawke’s Bay Property Management immediately.

Contact: 027 329 3893 or email zara@rentalmanagement.co.nz

How long is my tenancy?

The start and end dates of your tenancy can be found in your tenancy agreement.

When will you need to enter the property?

Throughout your tenancy we will require access to the property for regular 3 monthly inspections and followup of any items needing attention between inspections. We will also need access for any tradesman to attend to the work required at the property. Hawke’s Bay Rental Management will arrange private viewings of any prospective tenants to view during the time if you have provided notice. Other times of entry may include owners request for valuations, renovations or impending sale.

We will never turn up unannounced and all repairs will be scheduled and inspections communicated with you, via email and/or text.

Do I need insurance?

Hawke’s Bay Rental Management encourage all of our tenants in the responsibility of owning insurance for their contents as well as a suitable “renters insurance policy”. We suggest you read and understand your insurance policy to make sure you know what the terms are.

Can the rent go up during the tenancy period?

In a fixed term tenancy the rent may be increased, but only if it is written into the Tenancy Agreement. For all periodic tenancies these can also be increased. For both types of tenancies the landlord must provide you with 60 days notice of the increase. The rent cannot be increased within 180 days after the date that the last increase took place, or from the start date of the tenancy.

What about sub-leasing?

Hawke’s Bay Rental Management does not allow sub-letting.

What should I do if I am unable to pay my rent?

Communicate with Hawke’s Bay Rental Management immediately. Non-communications will not make it go away!
Hawke’s Bay Rental Management has a zero tolerance on rent arrears and will start proceedings with necessary action as required.